Know us

Know us

Our Purpose

«Nuestro propósito es inspirar y transformar la educación para causar disrupción.»

– Ernesto Kruger



Train ethical, empathetic, responsible citizens, committed to the environment, critical, innovative and supportive; that generate positive changes in society. 


Being a consolidated educational institution with high international standards that contributes with the formation of citizens of the future, with an entrepreneurial spirit, promoters of changes adjusted to the needs of society. 

Values Krugerianos


“Transforming education by promoting lives"

Our team


María José Dueñas – Madre de Vicky

We have really felt how Victoria gets involved with her classes, teachers, classmates, the methodology and others, which for us, in addition to giving us the peace of mind that she is progressing very well in her performance, also gives us the pride of seeing her grow up being happy with what he does. Thank you for being a part of our daughter's growth.

Roxana Benites – Madre de Isa, Ame y Manuel

Familia Montenegro

As the Montenegro Benites family we want to express a few ideas of what Kruger School means. God has given us the joy of being parents three times, Amelia the oldest, Isabella the middle and Manuel the youngest with a difference between each of a little over a year. The three with their differences are good young men and enjoy what they do
From his first years of life we considered that his education was a very important commitment and we were always in search of another type of education, in contact with learning spaces, playful activities and nature. Along the way we have met good people who have shown us that another form of education was possible, where good grades are perhaps not the most important thing in life but rather the experiences that are lived in it. In the latter, it has accompanied us since November 2020, very assertively, Kruger School, we have felt accompanied, listened to at a time when traditional education was once again in crisis due to the advent of virtuality.
Seeing the birth of a process as valuable as the one that is being developed at Kruger School is very important to us, now we observe in our children greater critical thinking, use of cutting-edge technology, capacity for self-learning and improvement in their second language. Thank you very much for this process.